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"Daylight & sustainability -political and regulatory drivers". Presented at the VELUX 2013 Daylight Symposium, Copenhagen click here for presentation
Results of international daylight regulation requirements survey click here

"The distinctive benefits of glazing -the social and economic contribution of glazed areas to sustainability in the built environment." Report produced for Glass for Europe published Nov. 2012 Click here for a copy

"Delivering a genuinely sustainable built environment -the challenges and opportunities" Lecture delivered at Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development 20th May 2013 click here to download

There is renewed interest in Organic Rankine Cycle systes for power generation and heat pump applications . This paper describes a major research project undertaken by David Strong between 1976 and 1980 to develop a Domestic Gas Fired Heat Pump

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Past articles & publications
Building Brand zero. Building April 2008
Whole House Thinking. The Ecologist 2008
Who is watching the watchmen? Building June 2008
Zero carbon failure on old buildings. Construction News July 2008
The time is now to cut carbon emissions. Estates Review Nov/Dec 2008
It's the Existing stock, stupid. D&A Winter 2008
How to reduce carbon emmissions. Energy World Feb 2009
Energy Junkies. Building March 2009
A smarter use of smart meters. Building May 2009
Cracking the Code. The Ecologist June 2009
Something better change. Building June 2009
What would Taiichi Ohno do? Building August 2009
Air-con's last gasp. Building October 2009
Air Source Heat pumps -villans or heroes. Green Building Autumn 2009
Dynamic Load Management CELECT (Demand Side Response) DA/DSM Confernce Paper Rome